Southeast Region Meeting 2020

Update as of 3-25-20

Due to the extensive spread of the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) in Louisiana and other Southeast Region states, the 2020 Southeast Region Meeting  has been CANCELLED!


Message from Susan Miller,

2020 Southeast Region Director

This gives us 60 days to cancel hotel, and hoping to transfer the bus deposit to the 2021 Convention.


Some members have flight reservations also and it would give them a chance to cancel without penalty.


I will be sending out an email to the Presidents and the ADDC Board, I already had a discussion with Keith.


Also, members will be emailed the proposed amendments, only one right now from the Board regarding changing the amount of days from 60 days to 21 days prior to Convention for approval of the delegate to Convention. No major amendment, and a couple of items in the general information section. (just clean up)

I have not received the official documents yet so Keith is working on that with the Chairman to send out to the Presidents.  I also will send out other paperwork that requires action.  Margie Steed, voting on her for 2011 Region Direct-Elect, a short report from each President (that I need you all to start working on, please)  the 2021 Region Meeting Site and various other documents deem necessary to be emailed to the Presidents and ADDC Board.  I will get with Sheryl Minear to see what other documents I have to submit to the Presidents.


Please understand this has been a difficult decision for me but I have to look at the whole picture and

think about the Desk and Derrick Members during this difficult time.


Susan Miller

2020 Southeast Region Director